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Louise Trewavas looks at whats on offer from
a selection of divewear companies

DNA Divewear
DNA is the latest entrant to the snazzy T-shirt manufacturing club, and its designs appear to be aimed to go head-to-head with more established players. The company slogan 'Genetic design * Extreme behaviour' reflects their approach to the diving market.
The slick, modern graphics are printed on a range of quality 'ultraweight' cotton in a range of carefully coordinated colours.
T-shirts range from 19.50 to 24 for a baseball style shirt. They have shapely womens' garments and designs, as well as cuddly fleeces at 45, trendy hooded sweatshirts for 35 and baseball caps.
For details of their full range and the ability to shop online, visit www.dna-dive.com
DNA 0870 750 7025

Dive Buddy
Having establishes their presence in the dive gear leisurewear market, Dive Buddy have found a ready market for small runs of individualised garments. Typically for groups of divers going on holiday, dive clubs and dive retailers who all want something different without costing the earth.
By utilising traditional high quality embroidered designs with the very latest in printing technology they offer a range of clothing with this individuality. The new T-shirt designs for 2005 have been well received - they are truly awesome, and customer feedback is extremely positive.
Some of their current deals include T-shirts (unisex and ladies) from 9.99, sweatshirts from 12.50, hoodies from 19.99, fleeces from 25.00 and caps and bucket hats from 6.99. Check the website for details of these outstanding special offers - more are being added on a regular basis. For details of the full range visit the on line shop visit http://dive-buddy.co.uk
Dive Buddy 01803 390647

Dive Republic
Dive Republic is a new scuba themed T-Shirt design and production company aiming to bridge the gap between street fashion and the often 'in-joke' nature of diving shirts. The designs are available to buy online and retail at 22 (inclusive of p&p). Four designs are available in two colours for the launch collection with more promised by the end of the year.
Founder and creative director Marco Crisari told Divernet: "We want to appeal to non-divers, the dive-curious, and first-timers, as well as the core market of holiday divers and UK technical divers. Our designs will be constantly changing in order to keep things fresh, plus we'll offer our customers the unique opportunity to influence new designs by posting new T-shirt ideas on the website and asking visitors to comment or vote for their favourite. This is a Republic after all."
Visit www.dive-republic.co.uk
Dive Republic
Email here for info

Sea Dog
Amuse your diving friends with a fun T-shirt - for a while, anyway!
Sea Dog T-shirts feature two diving-related designs, starring its trademark skeleton diver. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea sees our bony friend in the company of white sharks, while When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Diving gets him kitted up and jumping in.
In navy, green or brick red to fit M, L or XL, the shirts cost 22 each.
The full range of Sea Dog shirts can be found on the MarKat website
MarKat 01935 815424

Diving Daisy and Diving Willy
Diving Daisy T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats are seriously cool divethreads for female divers with a sense of humour. Such phrases as I ain't got no buddy, F**k the housework, I'm going diving and Neoprene Nympho are just some of the messages designed to alarm the faint-hearted.
Daisy regularly launch new T-shirt styles and design ideas. The company also has an extremely popular selection of babywear with Son of a diver, Diver's Daughter, and When I grow up I'm gonna be a diver in tiny T shirts and babygrows.
Diving Willy T-shirts are less gender specific, appealing to men and women alike. Slogans such as Diver Inside - in a parody of the Intel advert, and an empty contents gauge with the legend Oh SH*T! lead the range.
Collaboration with the Shark Trust has led to several shark-themed designs. Sales of these T shirts and accessories helps to raise cash for the shark charity. Great T shirts and a worth-while cause, what more could you ask for?
The Diving Daisy website is at www.divingdaisy.com and you can purchase online.
Diving Daisy 01246 260944

Blandford Sub Aqua are pleased to be the UK agents of the IQ range of products.

IQ offer a full range of Diving related accessories including fashion clothing T Shirts , Shirts , Sweat Shirts, Shorts, fleeces, Swimwear , both for Ladies and Gents. We also offer Sports Caps, Sunglasses, and various diving accessories, a full range of fashion footwear. The Bag selection is vast offering a small wallet to  large Dive Bags, including Dry Bags.

 IQ also offer a good selection of Wetsuits. 

The IQ quality is second to none with eye catching colours and excellent designs .

For more information see your local dealer or visit www.blandfordsubaqua.co.uk or www.iq-company.com

or call us 01823 663849. 

Divewear brand Narcosis reckons to have upped the ante for female buyers with an extended range of cotton T-shirts and, now, dresses. It has a range of messages on offer, but the company says its fast-sellers are the gorgeous, snug-fitting Mermaid Wetter the better T-shirt at 18, and the T shirt style Dress with a diving dolphin chasing the words Going down, at 25.
Men do not go ignored with a top quality range of T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts featuring the stylish hammerhead logo.
Narcosis Dive Wear 020 8693 2010

A relatively new brand making big waves in the diving marketplace through a very well thought-out web presence. The Narked ethos is great style, quality products and customer satisfaction.
The company has an ambitious range of clothing and accessories on offer, including mens and womens T-shirts, fleeces, caps, duffel bags and even a cuddly beach towel.
Narked also makes a range of attractive made-to-measure wetsuits with panels of rubberised neoprene and bright flashes of colour to add styling. A unique feature of the suits are the very long and very flexible seals. These add comfort and keep in the warmth, as well as making the suit easy to get on and off.
You can view and purchase the entire range at www.narked.co.uk
Narked 01908 507848


The first range of after-divewear based around a specific chamois performance fabric. Chammyz garments are made from a unique environmentally-friendly and 100% all-natural fabric, which has an i ncomparable ability to WICK water, moisture, sweat etc - designed to get you dry fast and in comfort. Great for throwing on after a dive, they are an invaluable item to take on liveaboards and day boats when you're diving in a wetsuit. Great for traveling, just wash and dry or ring out...lightweight and easy to pack; just roll it up...no need to worry about wrinkles or ironing.

Chammyz has been given an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating of 50+ by the Australian Government

The chamois fleeces and trousers are well-styled and loose fitting, making them comfortable to wear and easy to get on and off.
Distributed in the UK by Eyewear Systems ( www.eyewear-systems.co.uk ) and available online at www.xtremexsrease.com

A range of diver's clothing featuring the DIVEGEAR, INC. red and white 'sharks fin' logo.
The company slogan is quality, simplicity and recognition; and all the garments in their range are true to this benchmark.
Classic black, white and grey cotton T shirts, baby doll sizes for women, tank tops and zipped sweatshirts make up the core range. They also offer a denim shirt, baseball cap, shorts and a women's swimsuit.
You can view the range online at www.dcmsales.co.uk/divegear.htm
Phone 020 8541 4179 for your nearest stockist.

Knitted beanies are a nod in the direction of the traditional hardhat diver, and mask-strap pads are essential for technical divers who wear their masks on the back of the head. It's just part of an extensive range of leisurewear, which includes the Atmos heavyweight T-shirt, available from Seven Tenths divewear.
A well put together website allows you to cruise the collection and purchase online at www.seventenths.com
SevenTenths 01872 572710

Funky Fins
For the first time, fins with wow factor!
Forget drab black or brash fluorescent funkyfins have pioneered a totally new patented technique which allows fabulous graphics to be encapsulated
into clear fins.
Technical excellence and physical comfort have not been compromised.Finning action has remained a priority, while the foot pocket has been moulded to ensure optimum comfort. funkyfins is the first and only range to combine great technical design with fashion.

www.funkyfins.com Funky Fins +44 (0)1424 838734

In the Water
A new Cornish-based divewear company with a funky, fresh range for men and women.
In the Water specialises in bold, logo driven designs on quality colour T-shirts, vests, sweatshirts and hooded sleeveless tops.
The company ethos is to style its products to reflect a love of the oceans and a passion for diving.
In the Water 01326 376027

Happiness is a wet T-Shirt! Beaver T-shirts sport a line that not all women would choose to wear.
That said, the company has brought out a new line of polo-style shirts which look quite classy. Just don't turn your back onthe vicar while you're wearing one! 13.95
The Beaver website is packed with all manner of dive goodies
Beaver Sports 01484 512354

Dive Junkie
If you’ve ever bemoaned the lack of T-shirts that express your passion for scuba diving, it’s time you check out the cool tees from Dive Junkie.
Dive Junkie is an international scuba diving clothing line created for dive addicts and marine lovers. Designs depict the attractions of diving and the unique experiences of divers, and are cleverly conceptualised to evoke smiles, provoke thoughts and connect minds.
Made using superior quality material, the T-shirts are comfy to the max and made to last. Dive Junkie's range of clothing is constantly revitalized with regular additions of new designs and styles to keep up with current themes and fashion trends.
Available in a wide range of sizes, from XS to L for Youth/Ladies; and S to XXL for Men. View and purchase online at www.divejunkie.com.sg. International shipping is available. For any enquiries, contact them at enquiry@divejunkie.com.sg.

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