A pair of Cressi Thor EBS fins worth £102

Cressi's new Thor EBS fins are designed to be extremely effective, yet very easy to use.
"The special arched profile of the fins combined with the two central ribs promote a significant flow convection effect, which stabilises and boosts propulsion," says Cressi.
"These fins are perfect for scuba diving, whether you are an experienced diver or a novice".

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BIG sharks in the Med
An entire Mediterranean country is a shark sanctuary but hardly anyone outside knows about it... Find out more in the June issue of DIVER Magazine, which also features:
The woman whose life was shaped by a Tudor wreck
Eco-resort diving in the Maldives
Alex Mustard on photographing fast-action sea-lions
Raja Ampat in microcosm?
Could cave-divers in Croatia get past the magic 42m?
The making of a mermaid
How common is nitrogen narcosis?

DIVER Tests – Steve Warren and Mike Ward go on a budget, reviewing five kit items that won’t set you back more than £700 combined ... Off-season dive adventures in the Canaries ... “Rapid ascent from 68m was ‘a tragic accident’” ... Louise T considers Omens For Divers ... Noisy search for endemic Hawaiian marine life.

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User-friendly snorkel
This snorkel from Scubapro looks as simple as any other breathing tube but the concept is rather more sophisticated and user-friendly. The flexible barrel allows it to be stored in a BC pocket during your dive but to be instantly available for surface breathing.

Last chance to ‘spring into summer'
To kick off the start of May, diving holiday specialist Regaldive has launched “a 10% discount sale featuring a huge range of resort and liveaboard bargains". Running up to 18 May, the sale promises “a minimum of 10% discount on most diving holidays and liveaboard trips” - on top of existing dive pack deals and other special offers, including free extra nights and room upgrades.

Budget action cam is rated to 30m
Shooting Ultra-High Definition 4k movies at 24fps, and 16mp stills, this budget camera comes with a 30m-rated housing. A Sony back-illuminated CMOS sensor is said to improve dynamic range in high-contrast situations, while a built-in gyro stabiliser is intended to help keep on-the-go footage smooth.

Megafauna season
Carpe Diem Maldives has announced 10% discounts and complimentary nitrox (up to four times a day) on its Carpe Vita liveaboard trips from July to September which, it says, is one of the best diving times to see mantas and whale sharks.

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