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2nd chance to win the NEW Aqua Lung i770R dive computer worth £620

Even the most tech-savvy diver will love the i770R’s high-visibility TFT LCD colour screen and its wireless Bluetooth connectivity, says Aqua Lung about its exciting, new dive computer.
Robust, functional and compact, the i770R boasts an easy-to-use interface and intuitive 3-button navigation. Additional features also include a rechargeable lithium battery, 3-axis full-tilt compass and multiple gas capability.

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Dive Boats That Will Rock Your World!
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8 great Maldives dives
Are you a defensive diver?
40 dives, 40 dishes
The St Ives Wreck Mystery
16 Dive-Gaming Apps
Simply stunning Sardine-Run moments
30 Xmas Gift Books for divers

PLUS: Diver Tests – while Steve Warren finds out how much insulation a compressed-membrane Scubapro drysuit will afford him in 14C waters, Mike Ward checks out some new gadgets with diver-safety in mind ... Louise T on why there’s no pedant like a diving pedant ... Singapore dive stopover ... Alex Mustard on how to create an ultra-narrow field of focus ... Black Sea yields world’s oldest shipwreck ... “The Fanciest Diving I’ve Ever Done!”

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Passage to Socorro
Accessible only by liveaboard, Mexico’s Revillagigedo Islands, otherwise known as Socorro, are associated with unusually close-up encounters with giant Pacific manta rays, wild bottlenose dolphins, whale sharks and humpback whales that arrive to breed and calve each year.

Nautilus Lifeline
Getting lost at sea is an ever-present real risk, as DIVER has often reported.
With a claimed range of up to 34 miles to alert boats to your exact position, the Nautilus Lifeline personal locator beacon can make sure you get found.
The latest version includes a non-emergency mode that simply informs the boat where you are.

Be an Argonaut
to Cocos

Cocos Island is home to around 30 species of coral, 300 species of fish and 27 endemic fish species including the rosy-lipped batfish. Not to mention lots of sharks.
Ultimate Diving suggests that you might care to spend 10 nights at this remote Pacific dream destination.

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